Your guide to unlocking the complex secrets of healthcare marketing in Japan.

Japan’s healthcare market is the second largest in the world and its healthcare spending is ever on the rise. This makes Japan a lucrative and attractive target for many pharmaceutical companies around the world. Yet many attempts at pharmaceutical product launches and business expansion in Japan are less than successful. Why is that?

It’s not because the healthcare market in Japan is an impossible market to penetrate. It’s simply because Japan is different. In order to have a successful launch in Japan, you need an expert guide; one who can unlock the complex secrets of the Japanese culture, Japanese market research and the intricacies of the Japanese healthcare system itself.

Achieving the most insightful results from qualitative research in Japan takes an optimized, intuitive approach. That’s why you need Orient Market Insight. Our team of experienced moderators will be your guide throughout your journey of exploration of the Japanese healthcare landscape. We will bridge the gap between your organization’s desire to expand in Japan and the opportunities that await.


Unlock the insights that come from  qual experts who can adapt content to context.

Your research instruments in Japan must be optimized and contextualized, not simply replicated and translated. And, if participants’ responses aren’t translated and interpreted for you in real time during a session, you’ll lose the only opportunity you have to clarify their answers and get the insights you need. That’s the edge you’ll get when you work with Orient Market Insight. Other inbound marketing research companies may simply translate your discussion guides without offering you feedback on why those questions won’t elicit the responses you need, due to cultural differences and nuances. Hiring interpreters and moderators isn’t enough. You need experienced, insightful and engaging moderators/qual experts who understand not only what YOU need from the research, but also the Japanese healthcare system, the nuances of the culture and the hidden subtext in the responses of the key stakeholders, such as Key Opinion Leaders, healthcare providers, patients and caregivers.


These companies have trusted Orient Market Insight to help them navigate their product marketing journeys in Japan.

Bilingual moderators with a strategic, consulting approach give you the upper hand.

  • Get richer results from your inbound research in Japan. With Orient Market Insight, nothing is lost in translation between your global goals and your research facilitator. Our team is comprised of professional communicators with strategic, consulting minds who will dig deep to uncover the insights you need for successful expansion in Japan.
  • Don’t just test what you think you know. Uncover what you don’t. You can get raw data from any market research company. And, if you’re looking to simply prove an idea, you can find someone to do that too. But with research strategies optimized for the Japanese healthcare market, you’ll get insights that will enhance your global strategy as well as maximizing the potential in Japan.
  • Get peace of mind. No more hoping you get lucky and have a good experience. With Orient Market Insight’s team, you will have access to a high performing team with a full range of services including discussion guide creation, KOL recruiting, bi-lingual moderation, analysis, and reporting. As your local research specialists, the Orient Market Insight team will help you optimize and implement your project with confidence.
  • Get the information you need to develop a strategic marketing plan. With Orient Market Insight, you get more than expert moderation. Our expertise in marketing means that you’ll also start your product marketing journey in Japan with a well-informed marketing strategy to guide you, whether you’re bringing a new product to launch or remarketing an existing one.
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With a background in sociology and more than a decade of experience working for Coca-Cola and global pharmaceutical companies, founder Hiro Matsue, together with his diverse, bi-lingual team, provide strategic yet customer-centric healthcare research in Japan. His team’s highly engaging and agile interviewing style guarantees the best insight into the current Japanese pharmaceutical market.


Unlock the secrets of healthcare marketing in Japan.

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With government-run universal healthcare and no consumer ads allowed, as well as cultural and societal complexity, it can be difficult to expand your business into the Japanese market. Understand the do’s and don’ts with our guide to pharmaceutical market research in Japan.